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An archive of direction by Theresa Kneppers

This is an archive of direction. Or more specifically an archive of the directional marks in the Borough Road collection. 

Anybody who has painted knows of the breathless moment when the brush meets the surface.

Cut out, assembled and arranged according to direction, the process of categorising and re-archiving the lines gives a new room for these painterly moments to exist. 

Collectivised and cut from any pictorial context but their own presence, the lines still seems to me to be powerful memories of the artists at work; their commitment, decisions and physical presence. 

Archive of Direction by Johanna Bolton

Archive of Direction by Johanna Bolton

Detail of an Archive of Direction by Johanna Bolton

Detail of an Archive of Direction by Johanna Bolton

Johanna Bolton: Research Image of an Archive by Theresa Kneppers

Over the weeks, I have been looking at the works in the collection in their context of an archive. I have found these communal themes or qualities that could be used as categories to arrange them by:

Lines - direction
Marks: lines - dashes - dots
Marks: patches - blotches -dots
Structure - angles - rounds
Surface: texture - thickness - energy or crunchiness
Colour: greys, yellow-pink, red-orange, blues
Motif: bodies, city-scapes, portraits, vases etc...
Narrative: teaching, trauma, time, instruction, intention, choice
Reaction: breathing, movement

From the research: A list of motives, and how often they occur

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Research about the Open Air Exhibition of Paintings in 1948 by Theresa Kneppers

In 1948, the Victoria Embankment Gardens where the site of an “Open Air Exhibition of Paintings”. The exhibition was organised by the London County Council.

The intent was to allow student and amateur painters to exhibit and sell their paintings. This was to help student painters find work after finishing their education. Similar exhibitions in New York inspired the exhibition.

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