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An Elephant Walk with Isobel Durrant
11:00 AM11:00

An Elephant Walk with Isobel Durrant

Once hailed as south London's answer to Bath, the Elephant and Castle's reputation has for many years been more ugly duckling than admired swan. Named after a pub, and famous for music halls, Europe's biggest cinema, and a gang that modelled itself on Chicago's violent criminals, it was less well-known for being home to an important group of artists that included Leon Kossoff and Frank Auerbach.  The Elephant reinvented itself more recently as a music and night club venue; hip in parts, but not where most people wanted to live; a grimy and gritty place, somewhere only its locals could love. Then  along came regeneration, and suddenly unfamiliar words like investment, opportunity, desirable started to be used about the neighbourhood. 

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