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What are we but meat?
6:30 PM18:30

What are we but meat?

“What are we but meat?” is an event exploring seven works by Dorothy Mead through a movement performance and following talk on March 8th 2019 from 6:30 PM-8:30 PM.

The title is derived from this perspective on Dorothy Mead written by Ruth Busby: click.
The idea explored in this perspective is based around the blurring of features in a self-portrait by Mead which is also present in several of Mead’s other paintings of human bodies and how this might be intentional to explore ideas of identity, representation, and gender.

This event follows in the tradition of last year’s event “Before the termination of a flight” in exploring specific art-forms through movement performance. “Before the termination of a flight” explored the WWI poetry of painter David Bomberg combining poetry, ambient soundscapes and movement performance.

“What are we but meat?” is inspired by these seven Dorothy Mead works in A David Bomberg Legacy – The Sarah Rose Collection: “Reclining Nude”, “Standing Female Figure”, “Transvestite”, “Reclining Figure(Resting Model)”, “Reclining Figure”, “Reclining Nude”, and “Acrobat”. These are available in our online collection: click.
These works are explored through a movement performance by Demsey Legrand and Mai Tassinari with an ambient sound piece created by London South Bank University Sound Design student Mattia Turchetti.

The performance will be followed by a talk where Dorothy Mead is the starting point.

Capacity is limited so RSVP by clicking below to ensure entry.

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Before the termination of a flight
5:00 PM17:00

Before the termination of a flight

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British artist David Bomberg was a soldier during the First World War. Deprived of access to his primary art-form, painting, he took to writing poetry about his experiences in the trenches. He still drew scenes from his life as a soldier, but these are distinctly different from his poetry and do not show the horrors of the war.

To mark the centennial of the end of the war, this performance explores three of Bomberg’s poems from the war and examines how different art-forms can express different emotions and experiences. The performance will consist of three sound pieces mixing electronic music and ambient soundscapes with Bomberg’s poetry and three correlating movement performances, all created by current LSBU students.

Space is limited please RSVP here

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Bomberg: Motion & Music
7:00 PM19:00

Bomberg: Motion & Music

Bomberg: Motion & Music is an immersive performance combining music and animated imagery inspired by David Bomberg. Artist, Oscar Lewis, has produced a series of animations in response to the distinct phases in Bomberg’s career. Working in collaboration with chamber musicians, Three Parts Vied, the performance will highlight Bomberg's creativity and influence on future generations of artists.

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