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Breathing in the Borough Road Archive
to Apr 13

Breathing in the Borough Road Archive

Breathing in the Borough Road Archive takes its inspiration from the theory of “insufflation

appreciation.” The theory that, with the right guidance, what Walter Benjamin describes as the

“aura” of a painting can be physically inhaled into the viewers body. This insufflation allows the

viewer to slip into a transcendental state where by the full complexity of a work of art may be

revealed. If done properly the technique allows the viewer to appreciate, understand, and even

empathise with a work of art on a metabolic level. The lines, colours and textures within a

painting each exist in the atmosphere as particles that resonating at different frequencies just

beyond the surface of a painting. With the correct breathing technique and meditation these

microscopic resonances (that are emitted by a work of art) may enter the body through the

lungs. As the aura is inhaled into the body it travels down the windpipe, through the bronchial

tubes, and passes through the thin walls of the alveoli entering the bloodstream where it travels

up to the brain triggering accurate and profound synaptic responses.

The audio meditation will utilise this technique to analyze and consume the collection in the

Borough Road Archive. Twelve short 2-4 min. segments of audio will employ this art

appreciation technique to explore the specific works of art, the history of their production, and

the legacy of the collection

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