Borough Art Labs  / by Theresa Kneppers

August 23rd - September 24, 2018

This summer’s programme at The Borough Road Gallery comprises a set of quickfire events showcasing a range of local artists and performers. ‘Borough Art Labs’ takes its name from the original ‘Arts Lab’ which opened on Drury Lane in 1967, and that functioned as a space for the fusion of fine art, theatre and cinema, detached from the agendas of mainstream arts institutions. The success of this London space catalysed the establishment of other independent centres around the world, dedicated to the collaborative propagation of alternative arts. 
Remembering this principle, and rebelling against stagnation, the aforementioned projects combine direct responses to the Sarah Rose Collection with the work of contemporary artists and writers, whose tangential connections to the collection provide novel perspectives. By utilising the gallery space here at Borough road, we hope to recall the Arts Lab atmosphere of imaginative ferment at a site that has historically facilitated and celebrated the interactions between creative people and disciplines.

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