Charles Booth's Descriptive Maps of London Poverty / by Theresa Kneppers

Bomberg lived with his family on St Mark’s street in the Tenter Buildings from 1896.

The Bishopsgate Institute has reprinted copies of Charles Booth’s Descriptive Maps of London Poverty from 1889 and are an early representation of social cartography. Each street in London is colour coded to describe the income and social class of its citizens.
Black: The lowest class, Vicious, semi-criminal
Dark Blue: Very poor, casual. Chronic want
Light Blue: Poor, 19 to 21s. A week for a moderate family
Purple: Mixed, some comfortable others poor
Pink: Working class comfort, Red well-to-do (one to two servants) 
Yellow: Wealthy (three or more servants). 

St. Marks street was largely classified as Pink - working class with some Purple areas adjacent indicating that Bomberg grew up in a mixed to working class area.