Lillian Bomberg on the Founding of the Borough Group / by Theresa Kneppers

Out of the crusading enthusiasm for David’s teaching at the Borough, a nucleus of three students and myself was formed to exhibit at the Everyman Cinema Foyer, Hampstead. This exhibition had originally been offered to David, who declined, then it was offered to Leslie Marr, who felt he was not ready as an artist for a one-man exhibition, and offered it to us, Edna Mann, Dorothy Mead and myself. A short time before this, we four artists, decided in joint discussion with the Master David Bomberg, at at the time on the way home from the Borough on the title, ‘The Borough Group’. David and I had previously discussed this, as I have no doubt the others had, but at that time, other than a group to show work, there was no form, no constitution, no secretary, no Treasurer, and certainly no President, as incorrectly published in the Art News and Review.

The first President was David Bomberg, and he was elected in 1947 when the group was properly formed out of the group of artists then working and exhibiting together,

Edna Mann, Dorothy Mead, Lilian Hold (myself, wife of the Artist), Clifford (companion of Dorothy Mead), Dinora Mendelson (daughter by my first husband), Leslie Marr (whom she married), Dorothy Missen, Len Missen. Don Bradman (who married Edna Mann..) opted out of joining the group. A guest artist, Alan Stokes, a student at Borough at the time, exhibited with us once.

Tate Archives, undated